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Top 5 Sustainable brands to shop in 2023

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As awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry grows, more and more people are turning to sustainable brands to reduce their carbon footprint and support a more equitable fashion industry. By choosing to shop from sustainable brands like Patagonia, Reformation, Allbirds, Everlane, and Chylissa Chanté, consumers can make a positive impact on the planet by supporting companies that prioritize eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and transparency in their business operations. Shopping sustainably helps to reduce the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry, conserve natural resources, and support a more just and sustainable future for all.
  1. Patagonia Patagonia is a well-known outdoor clothing brand that has been a pioneer in sustainable fashion for many years. They use organic cotton and recycled materials in their products, and they are also committed to fair labor practices. Patagonia has a program called Worn Wear, which encourages customers to repair their clothes instead of buying new ones. They also donate 1% of their sales to environmental causes. Shop Patagonia at

  2. Reformation Reformation is a women's clothing brand that is dedicated to sustainable fashion. They use eco-friendly materials like TENCEL™ and recycled fibers, and they are committed to responsible manufacturing practices. Reformation has also implemented a carbon offset program to reduce their impact on the environment. Shop Reformation at

  3. Allbirds Allbirds is a shoe company that creates comfortable, stylish shoes using sustainable materials like merino wool and eucalyptus. They are also committed to reducing their carbon footprint and have a program called Tread Lighter, which tracks their environmental impact and sets goals for reducing it. Shop Allbirds at

  4. Everlane Everlane is a clothing brand that is committed to radical transparency. They disclose the true cost of their products and show customers exactly how much they are paying for each part of the production process. Everlane also uses sustainable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton. Shop Everlane at

  5. Chylissa Chanté Chylissa Chanté is a sustainable clothing brand that focuses on using natural and organic materials. The brand creates timeless pieces that are meant to be worn for years to come, and they prioritize ethical manufacturing practices. All of Chylissa Chanté's garments are made in small batches to reduce waste and promote a more sustainable fashion industry. Shop Chylissa Chanté at

In conclusion, there are many sustainable brands to choose from that prioritize eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing practices, and transparency in their business operations. By supporting these brands, we can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry while also looking and feeling great in our clothes and shoes.

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